Spring as an important role in industrial system

As an important component in the industrial system, spring has a large amount of use, and there are many kinds of springs. Therefore, the production of spring has original manual production, and gradually moves towards automation. Ninety years ago in China, there were only a few mechanical equipment specialized in producing spring in the spring industry. With the growing spring market, more and more professional spring equipment enterprises also entered China, (Air springs are widely used in self-adjusting snake-spring air suspension of commercial vehicles, buses, rail vehicles, machinery and equipment and building bases. Air springs are also known as support rods, angle adjusters, air rods, dampers, etc. According to the structure and function of air springs, air springs can be classified as free air springs, self-locking air springs, traction air springs, random stop air springs, rotary chair air springs, air rods, dampers, etc Species. This product is widely used in automobile, aviation, medical equipment, furniture, machinery manufacturing and other fields.)

At present, the domestic production of large spring CNC hot coiler is still blank. Although the spring industry is a small industry in the whole manufacturing industry, its role cannot be underestimated. The national industrial manufacturing industry and automobile industry need to speed up the development, and the spring industry, as one of the basic parts and components, needs a more advanced stage of development to adapt to the rapid development of the entire national industry. In addition, the expansion of spring production and marketing scale, the increase of varieties, and the improvement of quality level are also the needs for the upgrading of mechanical equipment and the improvement of the performance of the supporting host. Therefore, spring products play an important role in the development of industry in the whole country.