Main types of belleville springs

(1) Ordinary dish spring, trapezoidal section dish spring, conical trapezoidal section. Belleville spring: The shape and butterfly spring have simple structure and are widely used. It can be used as a single, combined, combined or composite disc spring set to withstand static or variable load, and used as a strong buffer and damping spring in heavy square steel spring machinery, aircraft, artillery and other weapons.

(2) Diaphragm spring: mainly used for mold spring on automobile clutch, which is composed of two parts: separating finger and disc spring.

(3) Wave washer: widely used in mechanical seals, which can be further developed into spiral wave spring.

(4) Slotted disc spring: usually used in clutches, such as clutches of lathes, automobiles and tractors.

(5) Circular plate-shaped dish-shaped spring: the section is circular plate-shaped, which will be deformed and become a truncated cone after being loaded. With simple structure and large rigidity, it is used for occasions with special requirements.

(6) Spiral dish spring: It has the dual characteristics of dish spring and spiral spring, and can meet the requirements of different stiffness.

(7) Wave cylindrical spring (wave spring): The wave washer is overlapped into a cylindrical shape, which can obtain large deformation.